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We sell a huge selection of some of the hottest styles of cheap tire, custom wheels, car rims and discount tires packages. All prices are for complete car rims and tire packages: 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted and balanced, shipped free right to your door unless otherwise stated. Chrome rims and discount tires with an attitude or some of the coolest truck rims, our products are just what you're looking for! We have the hottest styles in custom rims and cheap tires on the internet. We offer chrome rims at unbeatable prices! Buy chrome wheels for all cars, Import and Domestic. We sell a large selection of Spinning Rims, Discount Tires and Spinners Rims. Our chrome wheels go all the way to 26 inch rims!

Custom wheels and tires plus free shipping = One Low Price!

We sell custom rims and some of the hottest car rims with a one price to your door strategy! We combine all chrome rims and Discount Tire, mounted and balanced, and shipped free to your door. We try and take the hassle out of your car rims and truck rims buying experience. With up to date news and information, Universal Rims is able to sell you the latest and greatest in the chrome wheels and chrome rims industry. Buy chrome rims or custom rims, the products at Universal Rims have the styles you're looking for in custom wheels or chrome rims. We have a large selection of Spinning rims, spinner rims, and spinners rims to choose from. Universal Rims sells only the very best in the car wheels and chrome rims industry.

Buy front wheel drive chrome rims or rear wheel drive truck rims, the products we sell include hundreds of chrome wheels to choose from. We sell the coolest styles in car rims and also truck rims. You will save hundreds on our prices when you buy car wheels and cheap tires prices compared to our competitors. We also sell 24 inch rims with awesome spinners and truck rims with that deep chrome luster. Whether you are looking to buy 20 inch custom wheels or 22 inch truck rims, our prices are the lowest around. We sell one low price to your door on all of our car rims and custom wheels. If you are looking to buy chrome rims or truck rims, you won't find a lower price anywhere.

We sell convenience, quality and hassle free buying on our car rims and tire packages. We deliver custom wheels with an attitude and some of the deepest priced cheap tires on the planet! With our custom rims, you will be satisfied on what Universal Rims has to offer. We are the Authority in the truck wheels retail industry. Our 17 inch rims and 18 inch rims are some of the best chrome rims in the industry. Our sales staff has 20 years of experience with chrome rims and custom wheels and discount cheap tires.




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